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VHS Workout

VHS workout is an immersive, 80s inspired dance workout class i produced with Spark Cooperative for Virgin Voyages, and their new fleet of luxury cruise ships.


Most cruise lines offer some sort of dance and fitness classes, usually a cheesy line dancing class in one of the lounges or basic ballroom taught by the onboard dancers, but Virgin wanted something different and unique.



So we created "VHS Workout". Guests enter The Manor nightclub, with the house lights on and various 80's inspired logos flashing on the stage screen. The idea was to make it feel like it might JUST be a simple dance class with some 80's music, but we wanted to transport the guest right back to the era, and fully immersive them. At the beginning of the experience, guests hear the sound of a VHS tape being inserted.

A quirky instructional video begins to play, which the guests may think they need to follow, but suddenly the venue comes to life with full music and lighting, and the guests are sucked into the VHS tape, with the on screen instructors now stood infront of them, in real life. Its more than just a workout, its more than just a dance class. This high energy experience will have guests sweating, laughing and lunging like never before (unless they were around in the 80s...of course)

After hours of research, and watching every video we could find in the 80's archive, this event became an authentic patchwork of 80's fitness culture with Every dance move in the choreography, and every line of script inspired by real workout, Fitness & Jazzercise videos from legends like Jane Fonda & Richard Simmons.


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